About Us

Based out of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, the Junkyard Dogs Cycling Club (JYD) is the longest running cycling club in the city. We provide both recreational and competitive opportunities for all ages in cycling based sports.

Our members have a passion for all things related to cycling including mountain biking, road racing, triathlon, cyclo-cross and recreational riding.

New entrants to cycling are always provided assistance from seasoned members with years of racing and training experience.

Our Mission

Our mandate will always be to support our members, across all age groups, and through all bicycle disciplines, with everything they need to develop in sport and recreation.

General Information

The Portage Junk Yard Dogs is first and foremost a community cycling club that focuses on recreational riding in and around the Central Plains area. Our work on group events, trail building and maintenance give many opportunities for members to participate.

In addition, the JYD provides weekly training sessions and group rides throughout the year that fit a number of different cycling disciplines. During the cycling season we are regularly involved with spring sessions, coaching, time trials, races and access to a series of local trails, groomed and maintained year round. 

The JYD is a friendly, community based organization that extols family values. We believe in encouraging our members to ride for fun and fitness. We seek to understand the need of the local cyclist and structure our club and it's events accordingly.

The JYD serves a broader community than just Portage la Prairie. While we are based here, members have come from across the Central Plains, Winnipeg and Brandon as well as other parts of the country.

It is our goal to see Portage la Prairie become a bike friendly community that hays the highest capita of riders per population.

Portage la Prairie...City of Possibilities

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Portage JYD Executive

Robert Guenther, President

Christopher Kitchen, Vice-President

Blair Geisel, Secretary

Phil Neudorf, Treasurer

Portage JYD Members-At-Large

Trevor Shackleton

Rhonda Kitchen

Cara Gillis

Chad Gillis